Wella Hair Straightener Rebonding Cream Tips, Mistakes & Correction

I am sure some of you have read on the net that it doesn’t work, it destroy the hair, it made the hair worse than before but that is not the case, you have to know how the hair salon does it!!! By the way, there are many brands of rebonding creams, check them out, they all gives different results.

wella hair straightening cream, wella hair cream, wella tipsThese are the steps:

1. Apply the rebonding cream first, apply from the inside to the outside layer by layer, good to have hair clips for this step

(your hair can’t be too oily or wet like you have just taken a shower)

2. Comb the hair in downward direction, comb areas that tweak back or curl back, keep watch of those areas, wait for about 10 mins for weaker hair, 20 mins for stronger hair and 40 mins for stubborn hair

3. Wash the hair, let the water flow through the hair in downward direction, if you need to rub the hair scalp, do not rub too hard! Or this will get your hair curly!!

4. Use the hair straightener, this is the steps many DIY people missed out, especially younger teenager as they do not have the straightner or have not been to salon for rebond before. Do this layer by layer starting from the inside

wella hair straightening process

5. Apply the neutralizer that comes with the rebonding cream, this is to rebind the hair and also to fix the straightening effect, if you do not use this and go wash your hair, it will not last and will turn back curly in no time. wait for about 20 mins for average hair and 40 for stubborn hair.

6. wash hair and there you have your straight hair!!!

* These steps applies to all hair rebonding products.

rebonding creams *NOTE: Currently I don’t bring in any cosmetic or hair care products, these health related products takes awhile to get inspected by FDA for approval so it’s not too productive for my sales. (5Sep2013 Update)

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8 Responses to Wella Hair Straightener Rebonding Cream Tips, Mistakes & Correction

  1. Joy says:

    hi i used several times wella hair straightener cream ( red and white box) n i follow the same instruction. i applied 1st cream n wait for 1hrs then wash out with normal water. then i blow dry n use flat iron, after that i applied nuetreliser cream n wait for 1 hrs again. then i washd my hair n again i used flat iron. till three days i dont use water n my hair. follow the above mention instruction but i am not satisfied coz when my hair dries my hair goes again frizy curley. i m really fade up n upset also. y i dint get my hair silky smooth shiney as that photo which has shown n web page????? one thing i want to know dat this wella cream kit box which is write n urdu language, is it a originial kit or duplicate???? or just they are making fool everyone like me???? can u help me r give me advice coz i had waste lot of money. now i can realise dat if i use loreal extenso den i can get a better result……

    • Nidhi says:

      You are right joy. Actually these companies advertise alot to make people fool, wella extra strong can make a difference you can try it but dont leave it more than 25 mins, loreal extenso is also a good option for frizzy hairs but it do not staightens hairs as much as one can expect but its better than other creams who dries the hairs…

  2. oruio says:

    Hi Joy, have you been to a salon for any hair straightening session? Cause if you do, lol, ask the person how he/she does it and observe, you are gonna pick up some great advice! 😀 All right, for the fizzy curly you are having, it might have been a few possible reason, the first and foremost important is one’s hair quality, there are about five main types of hair, natural straight, mild curve, wavy, curly and frizzy curve, by far the hardest to straighten is frizzy curve as it’s very stubborn, rebonding works best for curly, cause the cream is very strong, it’s effective for mild curve and wavy too, but these hair types tends to spoil from the long and strong treatment from the rebonding cream because they are not as withstandable as the stubborn frizzy curve. So from what you said that you realize you might get better result from loreal extenso, I presume you have mild curve or wavy? Cause the loreal extenso relaxes the hair more rather than destroy so it might work better if yours is mild or wavy, rebonding destroys the hair cell of mild curve and wavy a lot more than frizzy curve so if your hair is mild or wavy then it should work better. As for the wella cream kit written in urdu language, well, it’s the real thing but there are times when products ingredients changes depending on where it’s made, for example a coke made in one country may taste more of orange than lemon while others bitter, this is the same for beauty products, but yeah, a lot of people have gotten not too good result with this red and white wella, one reason being it’s strong and the other is teenager, many of them uses this as it’s the easiest to get and cheap so most of them have not been to a salon for rebonding before but only self experiment. One more thing, to get the silky smooth shiny effect like those pop star, it’s more possible with natural straight hair quality girls with loreal extenso or hair bonding done already to get that effect than curly ones, other hair quality can get it but needs more work and…money! lol, hard truth but nothing to do about it but to obey the rules of hair straightening. If possible just go salon and get professional for straightening, save lot’s of money from experimenting, if you really want to do it yourself, you can get a friend to help as the back is almost impossible to get perfect straight by yourself, you are gonna feel stress just trying to figure out the direction to comb in reserve and trying to pick up the layers behind carefully while avoiding the hot iron, if you really still want to do it yourself then gather all the information on these from the net first, go youtube and watch videos of professional and novice documentation of the process to get some visual rough ideas and if possible try other brand of cream from salon, ask them which are better or search online, may be a bit more expensive but the cream will be better. 🙂

  3. gin says:

    I totally agree with ORUIO. Rebonding is a tedious process. Only a professional can give perfect results. I recently got my hair rebonded by Schwartzcoff Rebonding creams and believe me it worked like wonders. I suggest that you rather choose good rebonding cream to avoid further damage to your hair.

  4. sameera says:

    hi this sameera,i’m willing to do hair straightening but worrying about the hair fall. my hair is mild curve
    can i go with this product. i’m having some dranruff problem also . Please provide me the information.and i’am having ironing manchine with me. Willing to do so please suggest me

    • oruio says:

      Do it only every 3 months or 6months, depending on your hair length and quality and try to avoid applying onto the scalp, this should prevent hair drop, just follow the instruction you got from the product, the most important part is still ironing the hair, but make sure you comb your hair straight and keep them straight through out both cream, 1st and 2nd and don’t apply the cream like how we wash our hair, be gentle. Then wash and iron layer by layer staying from bottom. Youtube should have some videos of professionals teaching or just some people uploading how they did it, you can take a look first to get some ideas how it’s done correctly. Happy straightening!

  5. oruio says:

    For all reading this post, I just wanna clarify again, for the best or professional result, go to a salon or hair dresser with adequate skill, in every salon there’s always one hair styler who is skilled in rebonding, it’s recommended you ask for his / her service. You know those science fiction films where the main character do some kind of experiment and when it works they become superhero and when it didn’t it become like that film THE FLY from the 80s, yeah, so it can go either way man depending on various situations, DIY or PROFESSIONAL SERVICE, it’s both an experience. cheers people~

  6. Kazza says:

    Hi I have used Wella straight and it’s fantastic. I have VERY curly hair and I just put the cream in and keep combing through, then keep pulling hair straight with hands. Rinse off put on neutralizer and then when that’s finished, dry with blow dryer and then straighten with hair straighteners. It will stay straight. It’s fantastic.

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